Welcome to our website of Rodrigues Vacances for the accommodations Domaine la Détente, Auberge Anse aux Anglais, Le Grand Sud and Le Chercheur D'or on Rodrigues Island.

Here you can see what we can offer you, our four accommodations from hotels till a private villa to choose from, each their own character, atmosphere and with their own amenities that will suite any ones stay on Rodrigues Island. For any occasion we can provide you with the right accommodation, for weddings, parties, group travelling, family meetings, business meetings, birthdays and others, just contact us to see what we can do to make your plans come true on Rodrigues Island.


Auberge Anse Aux Anglais is family hotel with swimming pool and located near the beach of Anse aux Anglais from where you can take the bus to Port Mathurin or just walk in 10 minutes the to the main town Port Mathurin.

Le Chercheur D'or is located about 100 meter inside the valley from our Auberge Anse aux Anglais and is our newest hotel. Here you can find more about Mr LeClézio’s adventures search for a hidden treasure and you still can find the holes nearby that Mr LeClézio dug to find the treasure.

Domaine la Détente is located south east higher on the hill with a great 180 degrees view of the lagoon and ocean surrounding the island. Here you really can relax and enjoy a quiet holiday or go out and discover the island.

Le Grand Sud lays just above the lagoon, about 50 meters from the water. It has a great view over the lagoon and plenty of space for a family to enjoy their holiday on this more quiet part of Rodrigues Island.

Take your time to read about our accommodations and see which one would fit your requirements to make your stay on Rodrigues Island a successful one.

If you want to come to Rodrigues Island and you are looking for accommodation, please don’t hesitate to contact us as we are pleased to help you find the right place for your stay. If you have any question of what we else can do for you, from arranging activities till arrangement of transport, contact us and we will we answer your question as soon as we can.

We hope to welcome you soon as our guest to one of our accommodations on Rodrigues Island.

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The island Rodrigues got his name from the Portuguese explorer Diego Rodrigues who discovered the island and is the smallest of the Mascarene Islands which also include Mauritius and Reunion. With a peak elevation of approximately 389 meters (Mont Limon), it is located 600 km east of the island Mauritius, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The island is 109 km² in size, and surrounded by a lagoon twice that size with large coral reefs. Port Mathurin is the capital of the island, here is also the harbour and you will find most of the shops and entertainment here too.

Map Rodrigues

The island's population is about 40,000 and the main language is Rodriguan Creole, while French and English are spoken or understood by a part of the inhabitants. The main religion is Roman Catholicism with a small minorities of other religions like Hindu, Muslim and other Christian believes. The population is partly mixed African and European descent though a large part are Creol. The main industries are the in the following sectors: goverment services, trading, handicraft, farming, fishing and tourism.